What do your Employment Screening reports consist of?

Rapid Credit Reports has a wide variety of searches and reports available for our customers.  The most common searches are Employment Credit Reports, Criminal Searches, and Social Security Searches.

How long does it take to return a search?

Depending on the product(s) ordered your searches could return within seconds or couple days.  The searches that take longer require more in depth analysis of the file.  For example, a county criminal search requires a person to go down to the courthouse and hand search the records.  Instant search products (i.e. Credit Reports, Database searches, etc.) are returned instantly.

If something is unclear on the report can I call someone for help?

Definitely!  Here at Rapid Credit Reports we do not believe in limiting our communication lines with our clients.  Anytime you call a live person will answer the phone and will be more than happy to help you.