Rapid Rescore

Rapid Rescore service from Rapid Credit Reports is designed to streamline the process of gathering information from creditors and rapidly providing it to the bureaus to help quickly increase the borrower’s credit score.

Rapid Credit Rescoring can help you close more loans and not allow misreported data to delay your loan process. Rescoring a credit profile is simple and quick. All we need is some sort of proof document from the creditor (i.e. bank, credit card company, collection agency, auto dealer, student loan company, courthouse, etc.) showing what is being updated (i.e. lates, balance, account deletion, etc.) and we can get that to reflect within a couple days on the borrower’s credit report. In return increasing the credit score!

This process take a couple days and the following documentation is accepted as “proof document” in order to update the credit profile quickly.

  • Current Statement
  • Letter from Creditor
  • Online printout showing update requested
  • Authorization on file for the credit bureaus to call and verify the information in the event documentation is not available