Howard J. El Paso, TX

“I must say after 20 some years in the mortgage industry I’ve worked with over a handful of credit agencies and none have come close to Rapid Credit Reports’ customer service! Everytime I call these guys someone answers the phone and they are always so helpful. These guys are a great group of professionals.”

Tammie of Honolulu, HI

“Great service! Having access to almost instantaneous credit reports makes it so easy to screen tenants efficiently and accurately! Reports are concise and easy to read and understand.”

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Rony of La Crescenta, CA

“Fast, Honest, and Great at what they Do! What else can I say that isn’t already in the title. The team at Rapid Credit Reports are amazing at delivering on what they do. Not only that but they are upfront and honest about what I needed, not trying to sell me something I didn’t need.”

Taylor of Salt Lake City, UT

“I was looking for a credit reporting agency to help me with screening my tenants (there are plenty out there). I wanted someone within my timezone so my search was narrow, until a friend told me about Rapid Credit Reports. I called them and was sold during our first phone call! They are super nice and knowledgeable. Once they set me up I really didn’t need to bug them much, their systems are fast and secure. I have access all the time and don’t need a computer degree to use it. I have referred others to them since.”

Lennarth of Timonium, ME

“Worked with Rapid for years and did a fantastic job for us. Always had individual invoices for all of our branches broken out each month. Always accessible by phone (I hate machines). Anytime we had an issue it was quickly resolved.”

Edward of Glendale, CA

“I have been a customer of RCR for over 20 years dealing with the owner and have had superb customer service from his company and when he retired and passed the baton to his son Tedis, the quality of service continued with even more products. I highly recommend this company for all your credit reporting needs.”

Artin of Glendale, CA

“I have been using RCR for years now and am very satisfied. The interface is very user friendly and our clients have never complained once. Anytime we have had any issues, we call support and they assist us right away. I will recommend RCR to any landlord or management company!”


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