Rapid Credit Reports provides a wide range of solutions for landlords, realtors, property managers, attorneys, mortgage brokers, auto dealers, collection agencies, employers, and many others.  Some of the solutions include Tenant Screening, Employment Screening, Credit Reports, Skip Tracing to name a few.  Choose from the services below to learn more about each of the ways RCR can serve you.  Don’t see something you’re interested in?  No problem, email us and we’ll figure out a way to help you! Use the form to the right and send us a message we’ll figure out a way to help you!

Application Verification

The screening process begins with an application completed by the applicant.  How do you know they were truthful?  They can easily leave things out, we have tools to help bridge the gaps.

Asset Searches

Planning to sue someone or business?  We can help you justify the process and see if it’s even worth it.  Have a judgment and need to garnish wages or levy accounts?  We have tools to help you!

Credit Reports

Credit reports are returned securely within seconds.  With score, without score, hard inquiry, soft inquiry, we have it all!  Need to check your own credit?  We have you covered there too!

Employment Screening

Can you trust your employees with your business and customers? Now you can with RCR’s screening products and services! Learn more about our Employment Screening services.

Tax Verification

Need to verify someone’s income?  What better way than directly through their tax transcripts.  Send us a signed 4506-T and we’ll get you the official tax transcripts ASAP…

Tenant Screening

You hear horror stories about tenants.  That’s because they didn’t screen them properly.  Most of the time it’s because landlords think it’s too expensive, we can get your perspective tenants….